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Conditions of wireless internet

As a user of the wireless internet, offered by WestCord Hotels, you agree to the following conditions:

• It is not allowed to send e-mails for commercial purposes, including e-mail newsletters or other communications of a commercial nature. Also called "spam".

• WestCord hotels does not accept liability for damages in connection with / or as a result of the wireless internet. For example, interrupting or blocking of access to the system or the internet, deficiencies in the security of the information you have stored on the systems and / or actions of other guests, customers or internet.

• WestCord Hotels has the right to deactivate or filter the wireless network at any time to perform maintenance. They also have the right to remove a user from the network if he or she does not behave as expected or does not comply with these conditions.

• WestCord Hotels takes no responsibility for the safety of equipment, configurations, deletions or changes to the security files due to the use of the wireless internet.

• WestCord Hotels takes no responsibility for any changes made to the settings of your equipment and can give no guarantees on the operation of the wireless internet due to your equipment.

• WestCord Hotels reserves the right to periodically change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Before being able to use the wireless network of WestCord Hotels you need to agree to the terms and conditions described above.

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