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Naar Harlingen

By car
Harlingen is on the A7 motorway Antwerp-Breda-Rotterdam-Den Haag-Amsterdam-Afsuitdijk-HARLINGEN-Leeuwarden-Groningen. 
On the Harlingen bypass the ANWB signposts indicate ‘Harlingen-Havens’.  There are no cars permitted on Vlieland so you will need to park your car
in Harlingen.

By public transport;
There are direct bus routes to Harlingen-Haven from Alkmaar, Leeuwarden and Heerenveen.   Not all services coincide with the departure times of the boats.
By train, travel to Leeuwarden CS and change there for  Harlingen-Haven.  You can get more information on travel and departure times from, or call 0900-9292

Parking facilities in Harlingen

Parking garage on the Waddenpromenade
In front of the ferry terminal of Rederij Doeksen. Price for 24 hours: Short parking from €6.20 per day + €3.10 per night. 
For further information you can call 0517-420103 or go to

Car park Tjerk Hiddes
On the Harlingenstraatweg exit “De Witte Kas”. Price from € 4.10 per day. It is not possible to reserve and parking is at your own risk.
It is 10 minutes from the boat and is manned from 08.00 till 22.00 from then on it has regular control from the Friese Security Guard.
For further information you can call 0517-413527 or 414274 alternately go to  

Car park De Stenenman
Westerdijk 5, manned 24 hours. Undercover parking € 5.00 per day, outside parking €4.00 per day. Free shuttle service to the boat.
More information:

The crossing to Vlieland
Rederij Doeksen provides the ferry crossing to Vlieland on ‘MS Vlieland’ or the fast service ‘MS Koegelwieck’. 
We recommend that you book your ticket in advance either by telephone 0900-DOEKSEN (3635736), €0.10 per minute or online via 
It is also possible to book your tickets at the ticket desk. Considering the walking distance from the car park,
we recommend that you arrive in Harlingen in plenty of time to first drop your baggage at Doeksen’s departure hall. 

The ferry Boat
With ferry boat ‘MS Vlieland’ the crossing to Vlieland takes approximately an hour and a half. On the ferry there is a self service buffet available.
The fast boat ‘MS koegelwieck’ has a crossing time of 45 minutes and sails straight to Vlieland. Some services sail via Terschelling,
sail time is then 80 minutes. There is no restaurant on the ‘MS Koegelwieck’ and eating and drinking is not permitted on board.

Or there is always the exclusive transport, to and from the island with our own boat WestCord Seatender.
Sailing with the WestCord Seatender is an experience!

Sailing to Vlieland
It is also possible to sail to Vlieland with the sailing boat ‘El Galante’. A longer travel time needs to be taken into consideration, however,
you will experience a very special journey! For more information go to

Luggage transfer
On the day of departure you can at no extra charge have your luggage transported to the boat. 
For baggage labels and information about baggage transfer to the fast boat, please contact our reception staff.
The transfer of your luggage is at your own risk. We recommend that you do not place valuable or fragile items in the baggage carts.

Transport on Vlieland

Bicycle hire
Bike rental company Zeelen offer our guests a 10% discount on the rental price and no deposit is necessary. 
The cost for the bike rental will be directly transferred onto your hotel bill.  If you indicate when booking with us that you wish to hire a bike,
you will receive a voucher that you can redeem with them.  If you have not made a bike reservation,
you can use your hotel booking conformation to rent a bike under the same conditions.  For special requests go to
The rental company can be found at Dorpstraat 2.  From the ferry boat it is a 100 metres left towards the village, right past the dike.
By bus
The public bus leaves from the causeway on the arrival of the boat. As a guest of our hotel you can have free use of this service on production
of your hotel conformation.  During your stay on Vlieland you can continue to use this free service with the guest pass you will receive upon check in.
By taxi
The taxi’s can be found by the public buses on the causeway. The taxi’s can be booked in advance. You can be at the hotel within 5 minutes. 
TCR Vlieland: 0562-451222 or Taxi Langloo: 0652 711722

Direction to the hotels

Residentie Vlierijck
You can already see the hotel from the ferry. Walk straight ahead past the VVV office (tourist information). 
At the next crossing on the left hand side you will find Residentie Vlierijck

Hotel de Wadden
As you leave the boat, turn left towards the Dorpstraat. After approximately 500 metres you will find Hotel de Wadden on your left hand side.

Strandhotel Seeduyn
Wander through the Dorpstraat, education centre ‘de Noordwester’ on your right, over the church courtyard between ‘het Armhuys’ and church door,
straight on onto the Badweg through the woods to the beach.  In approximately 25 minutes you will reach the hotel.

For more information about our hotels in: Hotels on Vlieland

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