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Ameland fascinates from beginning to end. Ameland consists of heath land, meadows and woods where deer roam free. The north coast of the island is a large dune area with a 23 km long beach.  On the east side of the island is the nature reserve`Het Oerd´which covers a vast area. The lighthouse on Ameland is a striking building: throughout the island you feel the presence of the 58m high cast iron sea beacon. In the picturesque villages you can breathe in the atmosphere of yesteryear and how the people from Ameland lived from shipping and whaling. In the villages you can also enjoy the many restaurants. The island also offers a golf course and an airport.

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The Wadden islands have the most hours of sun shine in The Netherlands!

HOTEL NOORDSEE on Ameland is on the Strandweg (Beach road), north of the village Nes. The beach is less than a kilometre from the hotel. In the direct vicinity of Hotel Noordsee is nature museum and parc 'de Vleijen'. read more
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Location N 53°26 E 05°46
: 3545
Area: 8.500 hectares
Villages: 4
Beach: 27 km
Woods: 210 hectares
Cycle paths: 100 km
Activities: golf, horse riding, swimming, parachute springing, walking across mudflats
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