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Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful canals and nice restaurants, cafés and terraces. But Amsterdam has so much more to offer.

Rotterdam is a very modern somewhat cosmopolitan city. You will find several futuristic and daring architecture structures. Rotterdam's skyline with the Erasmusbrug is very impressive, especially “by night”.

Over the sea far from the hectic world you find Vlieland. You move around the island on foot or by bike. Cars are not allowed for non-residents. The island breathes a pleasant calm...

The Island Terschelling has dune valleys, woods and over 30 kilometres of beach. The port of Terschelling is the only natural bay of the Netherlands. The "Boschplaat" of Terschelling covers 14 kilometres of European Nature reserve, a unique area!.

Ameland consists of heaths, pastures and woods, where you can even find deer. The north coast of Ameland is an extensive dune valley with 23 kilometres of sandy beaches. On the east side of the island is nature reserve “Het Oerd”. The lighthouse of Ameland is a remarkable structure.

Hundreds of monuments, beautiful museums and cute shops. Leeuwarden even has the "best" voted shopping street of the Netherlands! A part from several educational institutions and big companies, Leeuwarden has more to offer...

Delft is a historical city with a special connection to the Dutch Royal House. Pedestrianized streets allow you to fully enjoy the inner city with its tiny streets, canals, nice boutiques and beautiful buildings.

Garderen, surrounded by woods, shifting sands and moorland, was once a farming village and is now a popular holiday destination. The 14th century towers of the Dutch Reformed Church, and the 19th century mill "De Hoop" rise high above the village.

Raalte is situated at the heart of Salland! The unique village is centrally located between Zwolle, Hengelo and Deventer. Salland is made up of historical villages, farmhouses and landscapes.
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