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WestCord Hotels and Green Key

WestCord Hotels voluntarily committed to the environment. At present there are four hotels certified with the golden Green Key, specific: WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam, WestCord Art Hotel Amsterdam, WestCord WTC Hotel Leeuwarden & Hotel New York.

What does the Green Key means?

The Green Key is an international standard for businesses of the tourism and leisure industry, and in the market for meeting and conference venues, who are serious and can be controlled with sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), concerning the environment of the company and nature of their environment.

On the 23th of December 2011, the district mayor of New West, Ba├ódoud Achmed, has officially awarded the Golden Green Key to the General Manager Nico Evers. The hotel is recognized for the following activities concerning sustainability.

  • The Fashion Hotel installed water savers.
  • At the end of 2012 all halogen lights at the Fashion Hotel will be replaced to LED.
  • We have reduced the voltage of the Fashion Hotel through a transformer from 240V to 218V.
  • They organic and fair trade products througout the whole menu of the Fashion's restaurant.
  • The Fashion Hotel gone further in separating waste; think of separate collection of film.
  • The hotel has an "Swille"installation, to collect all GVT waste in tanks.

Westcord Art Hotel Amsterdam has received the Golden Green Key. On the 16th of December 2010, the official quality label has been issued by the Deputy Mayor of Economic Affairs, West district. The following next steps have been taken regarding sustainability.

  • Th Art Hotel has a lighting plan to set up the halogen lamps by LED lamps.
  • Fair trade products are served and the Fish dishes are recommended at The Art Brasserie.
  • There are provided water savers throughout the hotel.
  • WestCord Art Hotel features a charging point for electric transportation.

On Thursday the 10th of February 2011, WTC Expo in Leeuwarden WTC Hotel WestCord received the golden Green Key certificate together, from Helga van Leur and Derk Jan Mind of Mark Foundation Environment, Safety and Quality. Because of the following activities concerning sustainability.

  • There are water savers in all faucets, showers and toilets at the WTC Hotel.
  • Throughout the WTC Hotel are all lighting energy efficient.
  • The floors of meeting rooms are equipped with elements for cooling or heating in the hotel.
  • The key card is the key to the room. Also used for electricity in the room to activate. If the guests leaves the room, the power will automatically switched off to avoid waste.
  • Recently WTC Leeuwarden offers the ability to video conferencing. With videoconferencing they can communicate with live video and audio between two or more locations. This can be a saving for both companies because of reducing travel time and costs. Another plus is that it contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

Hotel New York, located in the former headquarters of the Holland America Line, received the Golden Green Key of the end of October 2011. Hotel New York has chosen for a sustainable policy that is oriented carefully to deal with people, the environment and the planet with the following measures.

  • On the Wilhelmina Pier, adjacent of Hotel New York, is a charging point for electric vehicles.
  • Hotel New York and their suppliers organised a Deliberately spoil dinner.
  • Water conservation are applied in the showers of Hotel New York.
  • Hotel New York has energy saving appliances.
  • A custom lighting plan has made by Hotel New York.
  • Hotel New York uses durable printing.
  • Each month Hotel New York has a separate organic menu and buy sustainable products and low environmental impact cleaning products.

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