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Events op Terschelling

Especially for you, we create an eventlist of events near the hotels on Terschelling. So you can always check which activities are taking place during the period of your stay.

6th – 8th September Rock and Roll Festival
A festival from 6th September – 8th September 2013 in the village of Midsland with performances by various bands in the cafés. A range of shows and performances, petticoats, candyfloss, quiffs, Cadillacs and Solex mopeds in the Oosterburen region. Click here for more information.

18th – 20th October Kuiper Brandaris Sailing Race
A sailing race from Harlingen to Terschelling. This is a sailing race for classic flat bottomed boats such as clippers, tjalks, barges, smacks, skûtsjes and others.

3rd November Berenloop Marathon
In 15 years the marathon from Terschelling has grown to become one of the biggest athletics events in the province of Noord-Holland. The Berenloop is a marathon with local flare. Click here for more information.

9th – 11th November FOLLEK!
From Friday 9th November to Sunday 11th November 2013 taste the culture of our island. Enjoy the freedom, island culinary arts and exciting stories. 'FOLLEK' is a weekend full of tradition, culture, delicious food and surprises! Click here for more information.

16th – 18th November Terschellinger Filmdagen (Terschelling Film Festival)
Classics and blockbusters, autumn weather and hot chocolate, Terschelling stands for high quality films and good company from 16th to 18th November. Click here for more information.

There’s so much more to experience on the island of Terschelling! Click here for more events.

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