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Waddensea World Heritage

A unique piece of the Netherlands
The Wadden Sea is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is internationally recognised as a biological ecosystem. The natural area lies between the northern Dutch provinces and the Frisian Islands. Here fresh and salt water meet, creating a unique and varied landscape. More than 20,000 kinds of fish, birds, shellfish and sea mammals live in this area, mainly during the migration and breeding seasons.

Tip: Discover the Frisian Islands by bike.
Come and see this special World Heritage site and enjoy the island air in the peaceful, intimate surroundings of the Frisian Islands. There are WestCord Hotels on Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland. Vast sand flats, open horizons and limitless views. You can discover the many beauties of the islands by bike, from picturesque little villages to Dutch hospitality and complete relaxation. All this is just a couple of hours (including the crossing) from Amsterdam!

Package deals start at €90 p.p.:
• 2 nights in a WestCord Hotel on the Frisian Islands
• 2 extensive breakfast buffets
• 2 days’ bicycle hire
• 1 three course dinner
• Cycle routes

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