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To Holwerd

By car
You can get to Holwerd via Leeuwarden (Stiens) or from the east via Groningen and Dokkum. 
Follow the ANWB sign posts for Ameland. If you are not taking your car, you can park it in the car park by the boat.

By public transport
Regular sailings, take bus 66
Are you travelling by public transport? Take bus 66 (Leeuwarden – Holwert Haven (Harbor) v.v.)
This bus connects perfectly with the regular sailings of Wagenborg.

Extra sailings, via bus 54 or 60 and the call-up bus
Travelling with an extra sailing? Then you can take the Connexxion bus 54 or 60 to the stop ‘Holwerd Provincialeweg’,
which travels from Leeuwarden 4 times in an hour. From this stop, the call-up bus – tailored to the additional sailings – takes you within 10 minutes to the harbor.
The call-up bus can also be used for the return journey.

Reserve call-up bus
Call 0900-8272006 (local rate). Reserve at least one hour in advance. For further information please contact by phone: 0900-9292 /, of

Parking facilities in Holwerd
If you are not taking your car to Ameland you can park in the car park in Holwerd. The rate is €4.00 per day or part thereof.
The car park is open from 30 minutes before arrival of the First boat until 15 minutes after the arrival of the last boat.
It is not manned; parking is therefore at your own risk. You can pay on site by cash or chip. You can also use Eurocard, American Express and Visa.

The Crossing to Ameland
Wagenborg provides the ferry service to Ameland with ferries “Sier” and “Oerd”. You will find ticket booths in the ferry terminal. 
Generally you can get onto the ferry, however, if you wish to take a car you will need to make a telephone booking.
They will then  inform you whether your desired departure time is available.  We advise you to book in plenty of time.
Your reservation is only valid if you report to the boat half an hour prior to departure.
There is the opportunity to have something to eat and drink before departure at the restaurant on the causeway.
For more information go to or call on 0519-546111.

You can also choose a fast passage with the Wagenborg Watertaxi. You make the crossing between Ameland and the mainland within 15 minutes. We recommend you to book the watertaxi at least 30 minutes before preferred departure (available between 6 and 12 am) and the watertaxi will be ready at the appointed place and time. To book or for information through telephone, please call 0900-WADTAXI (0900-9238 / € 0,35 p/m) or for more information visit

Transport on Ameland
Bicycle hire: You can hire bikes at the hotel.
By taxi: The taxi’s are next to the public buses on the causeway. Cosi taxi: 0519-543200

Directions WestCord Hotel Noordsee
If by car, drive from the pier towards the village, at the roundabout go left towards Ballum/Hollum. At the T junction turn right towards Nes beach. 
Follow the road in the direction of the beach.  The hotel is approximately 1 km further on the right hand side.

For more information about our hotel in Ameland: Hotel on Ameland

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